How to make a tiny apartment actually livable

Most people prefer having extra space when living in an apartment, but sometimes it’s just not affordable at the moment. If you are living in a tiny studio apartment in Chicago we have some great ways to create more space for your apartment and make it actually livable. Here are 6 of our suggestions:


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Working Out At Your Apartment This Winter

If you live in an apartment in Chicago, you may think the only way to get a good workout is to run outside, take a fitness class or join a gym. But with the winter chill looming in the air, your morning jogs or evening spin classes may get disrupted by the bone chilling winds and snowy weather Chicago is known for. Cold weather shouldn’t hinder you from staying...

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Save on heating bills with these apartment warming tips

Fall is here which means winter is right around the corner. And a winter in the Windy City means high heating bills for your apartment. Fear not though, we have 10 ways for how you can keep your Chicago apartment warm for the rest of the year. 

1. Apply weather stripping to windows and doors to keep warm air in and cold air out. Weather stripping...

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Use an apartment service or search on your own?

It takes a lot of time to find the right Chicago apartment rental. There are a lot of factors to consider when looking for a place such as price, location and safety, but finding the right apartment can become a hassle when most of your time in a day goes to work, school or your social life. If you're debating whether or not you should use an apartment finding...

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School is back in session, how can you save money on furnishing your apartment?

Furnishing your apartment in Chicago can get expensive if you don’t have a budget, but it can be hard to create a cozy living space that reflects your taste when you do. If you’re a student, you know what it’s like to live cheaply. But just because you live on a budget doesn’t mean your apartment décor has to look like it. Here are five decorating tips to help you save...

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Maintenance & Cleaning Tips For Your Apartment

Summer is the perfect time to deep clean your Chicago apartment. There are many ways to freshen up your space besides the usual maintenance of cleaning surfaces and windows. If you’re looking to do a deep cleaning of your apartment without spending too much money, here are a couple forgotten things you should consider doing:

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Moving? Here are tips on preparing to move into your new apartment.

Let’s face it, moving is exhausting. Between packing, finding movers, actually moving and then unpacking everything into your new place, a couple things on your to-do list can get lost in the madness. Below are some tips to smooth out the process of moving into your new apartment.


The moment you...

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Tips on preparing your apartment for summer in Chicago

Summers in Chicago make most city dwellers warm and happy, but receiving an air conditioning bill can leave you feeling icy. Outside temperatures can have a major effect on the inside of your apartment if you don’t take certain measures to prepare it for the summer, and in a place like Chicago where summers are generally hot and humid, your air...

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Tips for Apartment Rentals in the Spring

The weather may not be cooperating, but spring is in the air. And with spring, comes a forecast of increased Chicago apartment rental searches. If you’re on the hunt for an apartment in one of Chicago’s popular, up-and-coming or charming neighborhoods, we have a couple tips for you to consider.  

Choose location wisely

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What are "Dibs" on parking spots in Chicago?

Chicago is known for its deep dish pizza, beautiful architecture and blustery breezes off Lake Michigan. But when the harsh blizzardy winter hits the Windy City each year, Chicago is also known for the seasonal occurrence of Dibs. Dibs occurs when drivers bring out their shovels to dig their frozen cars out of the snowy streets in...

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Short Term Rentals in Chicago


When it comes to vacationing, more and more travelers are eschewing traditional turndown service at four-star hotels in favor of staying somewhere more homey-as in, actual homes and apartments.Such short-term rental services from companies such as Airbnb are growing in popularity- around 11% of vacationers use short term rentals for their trips, pointing to advantages...

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Do you have a Favorite Dive Bar?

Picture it. You've all been there. Whether it be a Friday night bar crawl or a random Tuesday night excursion with a friend, you've all come across your neighborhood dive bar perhaps walking distance to your Chicago apartment.

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Car Free Zones? Good or Bad

There is a civic group called the Active Transportation Alliance that wants to create car-free zones  and ban cars and traffic on certain popular Chicago streets to make communities more attractive to live and shop as well as improving health by increasing the number of people that walk or bike as well as decreasing car accidents. This car free zone will enable the city to add attractive landscaping,...

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5 Family Friendly Chicago Neighborhoods for Renters

With 77 different neighborhoods, the Windy City can be a family-friendly kind of town if you look hard enough, and there are plenty of great places for young families to rent apartments or homes.

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