How to make a tiny apartment actually livable

Most people prefer having extra space when living in an apartment, but sometimes it’s just not affordable at the moment. If you are living in a tiny studio apartment in Chicago we have some great ways to create more space for your apartment and make it actually livable. Here are 6 of our suggestions:

1. Choose furniture with at least two functions.

A futon or a couch that swivels can act as both a sofa and a bed.

Use seating as storage. A regular couch or chairs won’t provide as much storing space as a couch or ottomans with built in, hidden storage.

Get a chest or a trunk. It can act as a coffee table and a storage unit.

2. Make use of vertical space.

Bookshelves can store more than just books. They can store anything from clothes to pots and pans to food pantry items.

3. Put a curtain around your bed or kitchen.

It’ll create a “divide” in your living areas and give your sleeping or cooking space its own independent atmosphere without taking up more room.

4. Put your couch or entertainment center at the foot of your bed.

It’ll save space and create a divide between your sleeping and living areas.

5. Use your wall as a TV.

If you don’t want to waste space on a TV and TV stand, hang a white projector screen on a big wall to stream movies and shows. It will be great for a movie night!

6. Build a wall-mounted, foldable table.

If your kitchen/dining area is small, a table that folds back into the wall is a great space saver.

Whether you’re an imaginative person or not, living in a small place will get the creative juices flowing because the key to making a tiny apartment livable is efficiently planning and organizing your space. 

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