Save on heating bills with these apartment warming tips

Fall is here which means winter is right around the corner. And a winter in the Windy City means high heating bills for your apartment. Fear not though, we have 10 ways for how you can keep your Chicago apartment warm for the rest of the year. 

1. Apply weather stripping to windows and doors to keep warm air in and cold air out. Weather stripping installation can be a DIY project since it's relatively cheap and easy to put in. Other low-cost solutions and/or additional insulation include hanging a clear shower curtain behind drapes, using clear packaging tape to cover the edges of windows and placing a rolled up blanket or towel near the door to block drafts. 

2. Rotate your ceiling fans clockwise and put them on a lower speed to push hot air down to make your apartment feel warmer. 

3. Close air vents and doors in any unused rooms.

4. Open your blinds or curtains on your windows during the day to bring in sunshine (free heat), and close your window coverings at night when the sun goes down to keep the heat in.

5. Buy rugs for your apartment to keep your floors cozy and your toes warm. 

6. Moist air feels warmer and holds heat better so invest in a humidifier to make your apartment more comfortable as the air inside your place can become very dry and cool. 

7. Use exhaust fans in your kitchen and bathroom sparingly since they pull the hot air that rises to the ceiling out of your apartment. 

8. Get a space heater. You'll pay for electric energy on a smaller scale than you would pay for heating your entire apartment. 

9. Cook and bake. You'll not only get a delicious meal or treat from it, but it'll warm up the kitchen. If you're using the oven, open it slightly when you're done cooking to cool it off and let the hot temperatures trapped inside the oven release into your apartment to raise the overall temperature by a small amount. Any added heat, even if it's marginal, is good heat right? 

10. Switch out your cotton sheets and other bedding for flannel sheets, a down comforter and extra blankets. That way you won't feel as cold at night when sleeping and be tempted to turn up the heat. 

Follow these guidelines and you'll not only lower your heating bill, but you will also stay warm during a long season of cold months!

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