Working Out At Your Apartment This Winter

If you live in an apartment in Chicago, you may think the only way to get a good workout is to run outside, take a fitness class or join a gym. But with the winter chill looming in the air, your morning jogs or evening spin classes may get disrupted by the bone chilling winds and snowy weather Chicago is known for. Cold weather shouldn’t hinder you from staying in shape though, so we’ve gathered a list of exercises you can do within your apartment that don’t require a lot of space or equipment, but will help get your heartrate up and your body toned up.

Exercises that increase cardio:

Jumping jacks are an old-fashioned exercise that’s good for your whole body whether it’s for a quick warm up or bigger cardio workout. 

Boxing is a complete workout for your cardiovascular and endurance systems. Roll with the punches to warm up or do hardcore cardio while you simultaneous sculpt your arms, shoulders, and core.

If you want to get more creative in your cardio workouts, check out mountain climbing, bear crawling and book pushing exercises here.

Exercises that build muscles:

Pushups tone your arms, improve shoulder functions and enhance general upper body strength.

Sit ups tone your abdominal region and strengthen your core, which can improve your posture and prevent lower back pain. 

Lunges & Squats tone up your legs/backside, improve your balance and strengthen your core.

Planks tone up and strengthen your core as well as your upper and lower body, which can prevent back pain and increase flexibility. 

Leg lifts tone your abs. There’s a variety of levels to make them as challenging as you want them to be.

By developing a circuit of these exercises, you’ll create a diverse workout routine with cardio and strength training elements that will help you stay in shape this winter. And the best part is you don’t have to leave your cozy apartment! 

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