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Buena Park

Conveniently nestled between Lakeview and Uptown, Chicago’s cozy Buena Park neighborhood has gained popularity in recent years. The area is now considered to be a hidden gem and many who live in a Buena Park apartment rental consider it one of the city’s up-and-coming neighborhoods. For those seeking budget-friendly lakefront living and convenience to downtown Chicago, Buena Park apartments for rent provide a great balance of affordability and location.

The streets of this neighborhood are lined with trees, beautiful historic flats and courtyard buildings many of which feature Buena Park apartments for rent. While the neighborhood itself is quaint and quiet, its residents have limitless nightlife and recreational options nearby. Within the limits of the neighborhood itself, there are several unique bars and independently owned coffee shops. Just steps outside the area, Buena Park residents have access to Lakeview’s bustling nightlife and Uptown’s hip jazz and music venues.

As a lakefront community, those who live in a Buena Park apartment rental have some of Chicago’s best outdoor options. Locals are a hop, skip and a jump to Lake Michigan, swimming, fishing, bike trails and dog beach. Buena Park residents also have access to some of Chicago’s best and fastest transit lines: the Sheridan and Montrose Red Line stops and buses along Broadway and Lake Shore Drive. Commuters can expect approximately a 30-minute trip to Downtown from most Buena Park apartment rentals.

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