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Lincoln Square

Living in a Lincoln Square apartment rental is a unique Chicago experience because the neighborhood serves as bridge between the buzz and excitement of city life and the quiet calm of suburban living. Located just north of North Center, Lincoln Square’s history dates as far back as the 1850s when settlers first moved to the area. Over the years, the neighborhood has transitioned from prairies and pastures to a bustling business district and homey locale, due in part to the advent of the elevated train in 1907 or the “L” as we Chicagoans like to refer to it which gives you easy access to any Lincoln Square apartment for rent that you may choose to call home.

Part of Lincoln Square’s appeal stems from its balance between quiet and lively. Located on Lincoln Avenue between Montrose Avenue and Lawrence Avenue, the central commercial district provides both residents and visitors with a medley of independent boutique shops, one of a kind restaurants, and an exciting nightlife! Walk a block in any direction from your Lincoln Square apartment and see row after row of quaint tree lined streets, far removed from the bustling atmosphere on the main avenues. Moreover, you have easy access to public transportation (CTA Brown train line & Buses) and street parking is no problem whether you are a resident or just visiting.

Whether you are looking for a Lincoln Square apartment rental or just venturing through enjoying an afternoon it is the perfect combination of metropolitan and small town life, effortlessly blending the old with the new and the simple with the sophisticated, making it a gem of a neighborhood!

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