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Everyone needs a little help from time to time. Why not increase the odds of finding a new tenant by letting the Apartment Guys work with you? Working with the Apartment Guys will decrease the odds of having an apartment sit vacant, which costs you money.

We advertise available apartments in local newspapers, apartment internet portals, our storefront windows and on our own website, always free of charge. You will enjoy the convenience of having licensed leasing agents from two offices accompany clients to view and describe your available apartment. Once we find a potential tenant, we provide you with a current credit report done through Equifax as well as landlord and employment verifications on the tenant. We also offer to create the lease and collect the security deposit on your behalf. You are never under any obligation to accept any tenants provided to you by the Apartment Guys. The decision to accept or reject an applicant is completely up to you.

If you wish, you can issue unit keys to Apartment Guys (highly recommended) or leave keys with a doorman (if applicable) and we can make it really easy for you by showing your unit anytime. This way you no longer have to take time out of your busy schedule to show the apartment. If providing keys are not an option for you, no problem! We will do our best to give you advance notice of when we need to show your apartment.

There is nothing to lose! We work off a non-exclusive listing agreement* which means you are free to use any other method to find a tenant. Also, you are free to cancel the agreement at any time without penalties. There is never a fee to just list your apartment with us. A fee is only instituted when we find you an available tenant.

Terms of agreement: There is no fee if you rent your apartment(s) on your own. You are free to use any other means to continue to try to rent your apartment. There is only a fee if the tenants provided by the Apartment Guys are accepted. The fee is equivalent to one month's rent. Applications must be approved or rejected within 2 days of receipt. We will provide you with a credit report (Equifax) for each adult applicant as well as provide proof of income to assist you in making the decision.

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