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Located just east of the Lincoln Square community, Ravenswood provides its residents with the comfort and quiet of Suburban style living on Chicago’s north side. With its quaint tree lined streets and warm residential charm, selecting a Ravenswood apartment for rent appeals to Chicago residents who desire a more low-key atmosphere within city limits.

The history of the neighborhood goes hand and hand with that of Lincoln Square, as it slowly progressed from green pastures and farmland to the relaxed North side community it is today. The neighborhood is comprised of block after block of gorgeous courtyard style buildings, beautiful single family homes, and two and three flats, many of which have Ravenswood apartment rentals that blend seamlessly into its busier intersections and main avenues. Public transportation is easily accessible as the CTA Brown train line runs through the center of the neighborhood putting it just 15 minutes from the fun activities in the dynamic Lakeview or Lincoln Park neighborhoods and just about 35 minutes to downtown Chicago.

Those living in a Ravenswood apartment for rent also have access to the Metra’s Union Pacific/North train line for those commuting to the Northern Suburbs. Ravenswood is also home to some of the city’s most enticing eateries and one of a kind cafes! With its homey atmosphere, reasonable rental prices and welcoming allure, Ravenswood serves as one of Chicago’s best North side locales!

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